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Luikjes - 'open en dichter'

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Since september 2016 they are available: Luikjes. A set of poetic cards bundled together. The back of the book cover says:

'Hij schrijft. Zij tekent. En zo kwamen ze elkaar tegen. Ze inspireren elkaar tot het bewandelen van nieuwe paden en hebben allebei een eigenwijze manier van kijken. Beiden zoeken ze in nostalgie de kwinkslag. Dat levert steeds een nieuw venstertje op de wereld. Een luikje dat open kan, en dichter.'

The becoming of Luikjes:

It was an early wednesday in august 2015 when Niels and I drove a little nervous and excited towards Leiden. We had an appointment with a publisher. During the summer we had been working on our project. I knew Niels's poetry as I had seen him perform on the national poetry slam competition in the finals. Before we started working together I went to his daughters birthday and made her a drawing. As I figured, most of us adults stop drawing altogether when we grow up. Unless we have a certain talent or urge to do so. That drawing became the start of something beautiful. To me, that grew out to be a new source of inspiration, a way to visualize thoughts and moments.

Working with Niels it also became a way to create story's. To communicate transcendent theme's and explore the imaginary space between all of us. Niels and I were a match. We worked out the concept. Niels's poetry and my illustrations together on a card. It wouldn't be just a card, they had to be an invite into a world of imagination.

I remember driving back having this energetic giggle. Niels and I couldn't stop smiling. Up on cloud number nine, we tried to picture what had just happened. They loved it! And we were going to be able to show our -by now- fine pieces of artwork to the world.

The next meeting we drove by train with a bag full of mock-ups. We had decided upon a definitive name; 'Luikjes', witch is dutch for triptych. Small windows on life's events, becoming little story's of their own. Story's one can relate to and also give a twist on the outlook of things.

The proces of working with Niels and the publisher has been a fun and greatly inspiring one. And we're not done just yet.

This september Luikjes will be released. They are awesome. You should definitely go get them. You can order them via our publishers website following this link. They will soon be available at tons of other site's. I will make sure you will get a notification on where that is.


Lots of love,

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